1035 N. Vista Street

The West Hollywood Planning Commission approved a project that one of its members described as raising the bar for excellence in design of buildings of its size.

The project is a three-story, four-unit townhouse development at 1035 N. Vista St. between Santa Monica Boulevard and Romaine. It will replace an existing single-family residence, which currently is unoccupied. The architect is Ric Abramson of WorkPlays Studio Architecture in West Hollywood.

Abramson cited several features intended to address environmental issues.

“This project I really think this sets a higher bar for the kinds of projects that we look at in the city,” said Commissioner Stacey Jones.

John Altschul, the commission chair, said “The look of the building is unbelievably sensational. And the innovation, how you accomplished so many things that are necessary for this era, is also incredible.”